Dig it or Don't.

1998, Breseman and I first played "Shoot the Fools" and "Big Red Guitar" while in a band called Miss Fortune in Greenville, NC.  Both songs would become 2 of the first Redliners songs.  


2003, we're sharing an apartment in Tampa, we befriend drummer Irish Brian Coburn and Redliners is founded.


2005, "The Mud, The Blood, & the Beer" is released.


2007, "When it Rocks… it Rolls," is released.


2008, our brother Coburn relocates to Boston.  He goes with our blessing and we all call each other on our birthdays.  Chris joins up in his place and he becomes a new family member.


2009, first extensive US tour.  


2010, "Everyone Looks Better at Night" is released.  More touring.


2011, more touring.


2012, more touring.  "Redliners LIVE - A Night in the Life of…" is released.


2013.  "Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out)" 7" 45 rpm released.  

In the years we've been together we've put out some great music, we've played with some great bands, and we've had some great audiences.  We've shared the stage with our heroes and some of the best of the old school and new.  We've continued to evolve, while still keeping it rock'n roll.  We'll play 15 songs in 20 minutes or we'll keep the music going from doors to last call.  We can bring it. 


We play punk-rock doo wop and rock'n roll, and I don't mean big sausage rock'n roll, I mean Chuck Berry rock'n roll.  If you think hairdos and hollow-bodies make a band… we ain't for you.  

Dance.  Sing.  Smile.  Accept joy.  Listen to Buddy Holly and the Ramones.


Get it while it can be gotten, or don't.  We don't have a target audience… we have targets and if you can't see the bullseye it's probably because it's right between your eyes.

~J.  2014


Published by The Beachside Resident, Cocoa Beach, FL, May 2, 2010

tbt* published by the St. Pete Times, Friday, April 23, 2010


* Live review of 12.5.09 @ the Tin Roof, Charleston, SC w/ the Defilers, REDLINERS, and Koffin Kats:

"I was at this show. It was ****ing GREAT! The Koffin Kats were excellent, BUT IT WAS THE REDLINERS WHO STOLE THE SHOW!
I go to a lot of shows and I truly believe that they are on their way to making it BIG!This was the 2nd of three nights that I saw them while they were on tour supporting the Koffin Kats. The Redliners were on day eight of nine of their leg of the tour according to their merch guy who ironically was from Michigan. The structure of the songs and lyrics are perfectly complimentary to one another, supported by thumping, blazing bass, and rounded out by spectacular, driving drums. Every song was perfectly constructed for an amazingly entertaining 40 or so minutes.
Everything about The Redliners screamed professionalism, from onstage performance, down to the merchandise and even merch set-up. The t-shirt designs were sweet, with four styles to choose from, two C D's available, (Of which I bought both) with another on the way this spring, stickers, e-mail list, etc.. And to top it off, pricing that is a steal for all that your get! (Mix-and-match any merch item for $20!)
All three members of the band were more than accommodating to all the people wanting to talk to them after the show (of which there were MANY) and very humble to boot. These guys know what it takes to give us audience members a great show; great music, hard work, sacrifice and dedication. The Redliners definitely don't disappoint!
If you have not had the privilege of seeing The Redliners in person, do so NOW, because I truly believe if you wait too much longer you wont be able to get in to see them!
Posted by Ryan Chase on December 9, 2009 at 10:56 PM

Redliners “When It Rocks… It Rolls”

"Gotta love a band that hand delivers their new CD to your front door! “When It Rocks…It Rolls” is the second release from Redliners; a Tampa based punk/rockabilly trio. This release features the work of Justin Kincaid (guitars/vocals), Brian Breseman (bass/vocals) and Brian Coburn (drums). Brian Coburn has since left the band and I hear the new drummer is something to be reckoned with. I look forward to catching a live performance so I can see/hear for myself. As I am familiar with their first EP, "The Mud, the Blood and the Beer" I can say I was able to hear growth musically and lyrically and that is what we typically hope for with a sophomore release.

Maybe I am getting old, but I tended to like the rockabilly songs more than the punk. Could just be that need to dance, move and shake it that I have inside me. That being said, let me tell you the opening track, “Redliners In The Sky” made me feel as if I were watching the credits in the beginning of a Western I really wanted to see. It just felt good. Absolutely love “Born Cheater”; classic rockabilly from vocals to bass and guitar. When I say classic, I clearly do not mean done a million times previously, as this band is truly an original. How many punk bands have used a glockenspiel in a recording? Yup, they do. Justin wanted something to symbolize wedding bells during an intro/fade and local genius Steve Connelly (producer/engineer) added it. “The Shakes” is another noteworthy tune. I have to tell you that one of the best lines I have ever heard in my life is in “American Boy”……”if miles were cigarettes, I’m 10 packs from home.” That is just f**king brilliant. On that note, check them out at www.myspace.com/redliners."
by Wendy

Redliners “When It Rocks… It Rolls”

"A few weeks ago I posted a piece that chastised the local music scene for being arrogant and lazy. Almost immediately, The Redliners dropped me an email proclaiming that they weren’t lazy and wanted to send a cd my way. I accepted their offer and now, weeks later (edit: now months), I have yet to post about the album. They totally should post a myspace blog entry about the laziness of ninebullets. I deserve it. The Redliners are a Tampa based punk/rockabilly outfit consisting of Justin Kincaid (guitar/vox), Brian Breseman (bass/vox) and Brian Coburn (drums). I’ll admit, my knowledge of the rockabilly scene probably begins and ends with the Stray Cats, so I’m gonna try and describe these guys in terms I know. They sound like a younger, less political Dead Kennedys mixed with Mike Ness’ solo efforts. Sometimes the album lacks maturity, and they probably could have spent a little more time writing some of their lyrics, but all in all it is a fine effort and I’d imagine they are a great band to see live…next time they are in St. Pete I’m gonna have to go see them. "
by ninebullets.net

Redliners "The Mud, the Blood, & the Beer"

"Redliners for real--Worth the investment"

author: Brian Hooper
"Finally music with no bubble gum wrapper required. Redliners seamlessly mix powerful beats and rhythms with smooth Johnny Cash reminiscent vocals. This is one that you will not be embarrassed to introduce to your friends. The CD will find its way into your player and you will not want it to come out. Definitely worth the investment."

Redliners "The Mud, the Blood, & the Beer"

"Bad to the bone, No BS Rockn Punk Buy it!"

author: J. Cameron Simmons
"The unique blend of this band's sound is so refreshing. If you want rock n roll that has real grit and emotion, this is the band for you. Are you tired of the same old whining punk and ready to pop in a mans Punk/RocknRoll Cd? Then you just have one choice THE REDLINERS."

New Live CD Available!

 Released May 2013, Redliners LIVE album "A Night in the Life of..." is now available!  Visit Fat Orange Cat Records to order yours today!


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